Disco Bear
Role: Designer | Software: Unity Game Engine
Language: C# | Date Developed: Fall 2016
Website: Play it here!
Disco Bear is the heartfelt story of a bear being asked to dance again. Across this short, ten minute long experience, you play the role of Bear, an expert dancer, as shenanigans unfold around him - possibly with some heartache along the way, and all with photoshop cutouts of real polar bears photos too!

Parodying 80s Disco dance films, this alternative comedy game seeks to use gameplay to invoke humor in a new way. As opposed to the awkward physics genre that has established but monopolized the idea of comedy through interaction, Disco Bear instead seeks to create playful humor by simple interactions with entertaining, surprising, and delightful results. Use the arrow keys to make Bear dance in one scene, speak profound dialogue in another, or just command the different ways Bear can cry. Do all this and more in Disco Bear!

Inspirations include SUPER PSTW ACTION RPG, Octodad, SpongeBob, and that one episode of South Park where Butters keeps tap-dance-murdering everyone. We wanted to make a game for our friends and their sense of humor, along with discovering something new in what gameplay and interactions were capable of, to then flesh it out into something polished.
We are happy that our results have been strongly positive then, and people continue to ask us if they can share it with their friends. In response, we ported Disco Bear to WebGL and released it for free online. You can now play it at discobeargame.com!

This group project was created in Unity 5 for my Interactive Design and Production course along with Brian Handy. Music for the project was created by Bill Piyatut H.

All awards and nominations:
  • Selected for IndieCade @ E3 2017 Showcase
  • Shown at IndieCade's Night Games Exhibit (2017)
  • Nominated for Best of E3 2017 by IGN
  • #1 Bear of E3 2017 by Digital Trends
  • Selected for Fantastic Arcade 2017