Stepstone Island

Role: Lead Designer and Developer | Date Developed: Summer 2017 - Spring 2018 |
Language: C#

Stepstone Island is a mobile game where players clean up and nurture their own virtual island through exercise. The app takes in real data from fitness trackers such as FitBit or Appleā€™s Healthkit App and converts it into in-game currency. This currency may be used to clean debris, plant trees, build landmarks, and interact with the game-world. The more beautiful and clean your island becomes, the higher the chance of characters visiting your island and supporting your hard work!

This project is my MFA thesis project and is currently in development. In addition to developing the project, I'm also leading a six person team consisting of an artist (Steven Sugar), sound designer (Tom Devereaux), music composer (Sarah Trevino), and two additional game designers (Michelle Olson & Sam Celeste).

See Stepstone Island's webpage here.

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